Sketching a Scandinavian Print

Creating Scandi Inspired Prints – Time Management

A quick look at one of our latest designs in production and how to ensure your time is used effectively…………

My designs usually start with a sketch, and the ‘Polygon Animal’ range was no exception! I plan in time to my day or week where I can turn off my email and phone, put on some music (maybe an 80’s rock anthem or two!) or a Podcast and scribble away in my trusty sketch pad.

Scandinavian Sketch

It’s not always easy putting aside time for any task but I really do recommend it; physically add it to your calendar or diary – set a reminder if possible and step away from the computer and phone!

If you can create a habit (supposedly repeating an action for 30 days in a row) it becomes the ‘norm’. I look forward to having this breathing space and find that concentrating on sketching allows my mind to wander – in a good way.

I always keep a second notepad with me so that all those annoying tasks that pop in and out of my head can be written down – again, this works well for me as I can refer back to this and it ensures I don’t miss or forget things………..whilst allowing me to carry on drawing without feeling a need to complete other work immediately.

As I am writing this I realise that I always jot things down, as I am sure loads of you do too. Keeping notes and ‘to do’ lists keeps me on track – if I could also remember to check the reminders and lists I have written I would be even more productive!!

The key things I try to remember are:

  1. Plan in time for tasks – add a reminder 5 minutes before in order to wrap up the current task
  2. Take notes – Iuse a physical notebook as I find that if I write something down then I am more likely to remember it
  3. Use a digital diary (iPhone Calendar etc.) and set an alert to plan your time

It took me a while to build this habit and I am not perfect at it, I still get distracted by everything from a knock at the door to the cat purring at me but this framework certainly helps me!

Happy planning everyone!

Do you use any methods to ensure you plan effectively and manage your time well?

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